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Shot put women35-4416:30
Triple jump womenAll ages17:00
60m men35-4417:00
60m men45-49/55-59/65-6917:05
60m men50-5417:10
60m men60-6417:15
60m men60-6417:20
60m men70-74/80-8417:25
60m men75-79/85-89/95-10017:30
Shot put women50-6418:00
60m women35-4917:50
60m women50-5417:55
60m women55-5918:00
60m women60-6418:05
60m women65-69/75-7918:10
60m women70-74/80-8418:15
Triple jump men40-6418:20
Track walk mixedAll ages18:45
Shot put women65-8419:30
Triple jump men65-8419:30
800m men40-44/50-5419:10
800m men45-49/55-5919:20
800m men60-6419:30
800m men65-6919:40
800m men70-74/75-7919:50
800m men80-84/85-8920:00
800m women35-4920:10
800m women50-5420:20
800m women65-7420:30


Pole vault menAll ages (starting height 1,50m)10:00
Long jump women35-5910:00
Shot put men35-5410:00
200m men35-4410:00
200m men45-4910:05
200m men50-5410:10
200m men50-5410:15
200m men55-5910:20
200m men60-6410:25
200m men60-6410:30
200m men65-7410:35
200m men75-7910:40
200m men75-7910:45
200m men80-8410:50
200m men85-89/95-10010:55
200m women35-4411:10
200m women45-4911:15
200m women50-5411:20
200m women50-5411:25
200m women55-5911:30
200m women60-6411:35
200m women60-6411:40
200m women65-6911:45
200m women70-7411:50
200m women70-7411:55
200m women75-8412:00
Shot put men55-6911:30
Long jump women60-8411:30
High jump men70-84 (starting height 1,00m)12:00
3000m men35-5412:20
3000m men55-6912:45
3000m men70-8913:10
Shot put men70-8913:00
High jump men60-69 (starting height 1,10m)13:00
3000m womenAll ages13:40
High jump men35-59 (starting height 1,20m)14:00
4x200m menAll ages14:10
4x200m womenAll ages14:30
Weight throw women35-5915:00
Weight throw women60-8416:20
Weight throw men35-5918:00


Weight throw men60-7409:00
High jump womenAll ages (starting height 80cm)10:00
Weight throw men75-8410:30
Long jump men40-5411:00
60m hurdles women35-4912:00
60m hurdles women50-5912:10
60m hurdles mixedW60+ and M80+12:20
60m hurdles men35-5912:30
60m hurdles men60-6912:40
60m hurdles men60-6912:50
60m hurdles men70-7913:00
Pole vault womenAll ages (starting height 1,50m)12:30
Long jump men55-6912:30
400m women35-4913:24
400m women50-5413:30
400m women55-6413:36
400m women65-6913:42
400m women70-7413:48
Long jump men70-8414:00
400m men34-4413:54
400m men45-4914:00
400m men50-5414:06
400m men55-5914:12
400m men60-6414:18
400m men60-6414:24
400m men65-6914:30
400m men70-7414:36
400m men70-7414:42
400m men75-7914:48
400m men75-7914:54
400m men80-8415:00
400m men85-8915:06
1500m womenAll ages15:10
1500m men45-5415:25
1500m men55-6915:40
1500m men70-8915:55